What is the Meaning of Life?

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“«All things are meaningless.» I can tell you this because I am the wisest man who ever walked this earth. What is still there after you have made so many efforts to reach your goals? As the most sucessful man in the history of mankind I tell you that you will feel an emptiness at the end of your way, when you have achieved everything. You will notice that everything is futile, everything you have fought for, everything you have given your time and energy for. Have you already made this experience? The generation of your grandparents has passed away; that of your parents will soon be over, and your own will not last for a very long time either. As the sun repeats its course every day the elements are doing the same: The river is making its way to the ocean, the wind is blowing from the East to the West, from the North to the South.

Whatever there is has been already.

The things that keep you in thrall today will be boring tomorrow. Do you want to tell me that there are new things that are really worth living for? The things you may create or build will not last, and in the end you will not really need them. During my life I had more power than other people. I saw many things, and I tried everything that life had to offer. But I realized that everything is useless, senseless and futile. Then I thought: «Neither power nor money can give me fulfillment.» Therefore I tried to achieve wisdom. I became a wise man, and I was looking for a meaning in my life, but even this effort was useless. Nothing in life has a real meaning. The more you know the more you suffer. Then I thought: «It’s better to enjoy life, anyway.» I did everything I felt like doing. I drowned my problems in alcohol. There were no limits to what I was doing. But it is impossible to drown problems because they always come to the surface again. Although I lived for enjoyment, I felt that everything was without any meaning. I thought: «In the end the successful share the fate of the poorest people. Why then are the manager and the businessman making so many efforts to be sucessful? What are they doing this for?» I began to hate life because I was afraid that after me others would destroy and scatter the things that I created, and I felt as if I were robbed of my hope for the future. There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under heaven: A time for giving birth, a time for dying; a time for planting, a time for uprooting what has been planted. A time for killing, a time for healing; a time for knocking down, a time for building. A time for tears, a time for laughter; a time for mourning, a time for dancing. A time for throwing stones away, a time for gathering them; a time for embracing, a time to refrain from embracing. A time for searching, a time for losing; a time for keeping, a time for discarding. A time for tearing, a time for sewing; a time for keeping silent, a time for speaking. A time for loving, a time for hating; a time for war, a time for peace. What do people gain from the efforts they make? I contemplate the task that God gives humanity to labour at. All that he does is apt for its time; but although he has given us an awareness of the passage of time, we can grasp neither the beginning nor the end of what God does. I know there is no happiness for a human being except in pleasure and enjoyment through life. And when we eat and drink and find happiness in all our achievements, this is a gift from God. I know that whatever God does will be for ever. To this there is nothing to add, from this there is nothing to subtract, and the way God acts inspires dread. What is, has been already, what will be, is already; God seeks out anyone who is persecuted. Again I observe under the sun: crime is where justice should be, the criminal is where the upright should be. And I think to myself: the upright and the criminal will both be judged by God, since there is a time for every thing and every action here. I think to myself: where human beings are concerned, this is so that God can test them and show them that they are animals. For the fate of human and the fate of animal is the same: as the one dies, so the other dies; both have the selfsame breath. Human is in no way better off than animal -- since all is futile. Everything goes to the same place, everything comes from the dust, everything returns to the dust. Who knows if the human spirit mounts upward or if the animal spirit goes downward to the earth? I see there is no contentment for a human being except happiness in achievement; such is the lot of a human beings. No one can tell us what will happen after we are gone.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

Although I was the most successful man in history, I want to tell you: «Do everything you want, enjoy your life, but you will achieve nothing. One day you will be accountable to God for everything you did. This is why you should do one thing right now: Remember God who is your creator!»

This is my advice to you: «Love God because this is the meaning and purpose of your life. In Him everything has a meaning.» I have found out that only with God life is worth living. Yours sincerely, King Solomon God says: «Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name, you are mine. Should you pass through the waters, I shall be with you; or through rivers, they will not swallow you up. Should you walk through fire, you will not suffer, and the flame will not burn you.»

You can download the book Why It Pays to be a Christian. It’s for free! If you want, you can contact us. Please write an e-mail to: info@nograzie.net